Infinite Isolate Capsules

Infinite Isolate Capsules

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Head into autopilot with a CBD capsule. This the perfect product for someone who is looking to take an exact amount of CBD. In just one CBD capsule, the user will consume 100 mg of CBD isolate. 

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Swallowing a single capsule can take 30 to 100 minutes for the effects to set in but the duration will last longer than alternative delivery methods. Consumption of a CBD Isolate Capsule in the morning and/or at night is a great regimine for CBD.

Key Ingredients:
Coconut Oil: Ingesting coconut oil helps boosts your immune system, improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and promotes heart health
Vegetarian Capsules: For all our vegan friends out there, we use VEGGIE capsules. 

Ingestion: swallow capsules as desired